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Over 100 Years of Experience in Residential & Commercial Building Development and Renovation.

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Our aim is to ensure hassle-free and seamless project completion whilst maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and integrity. We never compromise on the quality of the finished product.

We pride ourselves on providing the most reliable design and development services to meet the specific needs and requirements of our clients. We are always upfront about the pricing of our services and get the job done within the estimated time frame.

We are committed to providing the highest standards of service, workmanship, and professionalism. Our team is ready to go the extra mile to ensure project completion and handover remains on target.

We prioritise client satisfaction and deliver full assistance as well as expert guidance at every step of the way. Our aim is to ensure we both are on the same page throughout the duration of the project.

With Over 100 Years of Experience

experience makes us confident

We specialise in residential and commercial building development as well as have extensive experience in handling building renovation and heritage refurbishment projects.


We specialise in the design and development of residential buildings such as family homes, duplexes, granny flats, and apartments. With decades of experience in the building construction industry, we also carry out renovation, alteration, and extension works for residential buildings as well as heritage-listed properties.

Commercial Fit Outs

We have extensive experience in modifying and converting an existing commercial facility to make it fit for a new business through our specialised design and construction services. Our team specialises in various aspects of commercial fit outs such as new flooring, ceilings, walls, specialist joinery, shopfront, and much more.

20 Floor Building

Over the years, we have successfully handled the development and renovation of commercial buildings such as office spaces, retail facilities, medical facilities, aged care facilities, NDIS compliant spaces, hotels, heritage-listed properties, and much more. We offer tailored design and development solutions to meet the needs and requirements of our clients.

Project management

TRUWAY Projects, our partner company, provides superb project management throughout all the stages of the design and development process. They provide end-to-end solutions to make it possible for JLC Building Developments to successfully complete the construction phase.

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Residential Building Services

When it comes to residential building services, you can count on JLC Building Developments for quality, style, and on-time project delivery. We have the skills, tools, and resources to undertake every aspect of residential building services. This includes council approvals, specialist engineering, construction management as well as managing specialist trades.

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Heritage Refurbishment And Renovation Services

We have the expertise to refurbish, restore, renovate, and protect heritage buildings while maintaining the heritage aspects that make these buildings historically significant. Our aim is to deliver hassle-free heritage refurbishment and renovation services with diligence and attention to detail. We work with professional heritage architects and engineers to restore and modify heritage buildings in compliance with the current building standards and codes.

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Design And Development Services via Truway Project

TRUWAY Projects, our design and development partner, efficiently manages all the specialist trades to ensure your project is completed in a smooth and seamless manner. They will manage all the professional services throughout the design and development process as well as coordinate with all the specialist engineers.

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Commercial Building Services

With a vast wealth of industry experience, we can successfully complete any commercial building construction, renovation, or extension projects that we undertake. We specialise in the conversion and modification of existing commercial facilities to make it suitable for a new business through hassle-free design and construction.

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We maintain accreditations and memberships of numerous associates and institutes.

Wayne’s attention to detail and thorough oversight of our new office project has avoided many of the pitfalls that would have otherwise shown up. His experience is invaluable and is truly an asset for the smooth accomplishment of any building related project.

Dr Bailey Charlestown

In this time of negativity about the school’s program building works, we love our new classroom. TRUWAY professionally carried out the works, with pleasing communication and a quality classroom.

Principal Iona Public School

The Project Manager and his team were all excellent. They understood the constraints under which school principals operate and were always able to help.

Principal Thornton Public School
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